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Tuesday 21st May 2024

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Sunboard Printing In Delhi


Get highest-quality glossy, matte, and direct printing (semi-glossy) materials for the greatest sun board printing.

Options for Sunboard thickness are 3-5 mm.

We used a laser cutting technology to precisely cut the solar board.
Sun board can be reused repeatedly by switching out the vinyl adhesive.


Get best Sunboard Printing Delhi. Sun board Printing is required for the following purposes: restaurant branding, corporate wall branding, notice board dos and don’ts, easel standee, sunboard cutouts, store branding, exhibition install decoration, and making a model. We have 3mm-5mm Sunboard Printing option. If you are looking for best sunboard printers in delhi Saroj Graphics is best Sunboard Printing in Delhi.

Advertising on the sun board is permitted for both inside and outdoor branding.

Sunboard’s strength, light weight, ease of cutting, smooth finish, and soft clay coating on both sides make it simple to print high-quality phototype text and images on.

Foam Board is the official name for a sun board. a particular kind of plastic material used for advertising.
Sunboard is a product with a density ranging from 0.33 to 0.50 that has various names and uses.

Through a flatbed UV printing machine, direct printing can be applied to it, or printed vinyl with backing adhesive can be adhered.

Advertising sun board printing has an outdoor life of up to two years and an indoor life of eight years.
Sunboard thickness, printing quality, and post-printing applications are all factors that affect sunboard printing prices (direct printing application, lamination, automated router cutting, etc.)

Sunboard Printing Delhi 3-5 mm (Best Quality printing)

Price per square foot for regular sun board printing ranges from Rs. 75 to Rs. 150.
Sun board sheets can occasionally be reused more than once in place of printed vinyl materials used for temporary advertising like sales, discounts, and discount displays.

Double side tape on the supporting back (wood, brick, metal, gloss wall), hanging from the false ceiling, and nailing down from the wall make installation simple.

Get the advantages of in-store pickup and doorstep delivery for same-day sun board printing. Any type of back media adhesive is easily mountable on it.

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